Exposure #3


Rode in the car to the nearby pharmacy tonight, as a passenger of course. I have a lot of fear when it comes to car rides, I think because of the trapped feeling. My panic rises the most when I’m in the car and I feel some relief once I step outside. I think I fear the car because my first huge panic attacks happened while in heavier traffic. I panicked so much that I felt close to passing out and got hit with a vertigo attack. I thought I was dying. Even going 5 minutes down the road makes me feel anxious.

I can’t stay inside stores very long lately; I usually end up leaving as soon as I feel like I’m not breathing normally. Since I don’t get out much, everything is always super exciting to me! Like seeing Valentine’s Day stuff out. Christmas stuff was on clearance so I grabbed a couple things. I have to say, I really miss being able to just leisurely browse shops without fear.


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